Develop an Integrative Healing Practice

Natural health is trending.

Patients come to a naturopathic or holistic or integrative doctor because they blend in multiple healing modalities sometimes even medical techniques into their healing process.  They are looking for a more natural solution.

The Problem:

In any treatment process, emotions play a huge role and can show up disrupting healing.

This puts you, the doctor playing the role of therapist. That is something you don’t need to be added to your daily work.

Emotional healing is integral to integrative healing and I can make it easier

What if I could help patients go through their healing faster and easier?

About Don

I’m Don Grothoff, a Dad, EFT Practitioner, and, Mindset Coach. When I had my second child, I had no idea she would have OCD and the tough journey she would take us through. Then to find my youngest suffering from it, we relived the whole journey again. This painful anxiety disorder crippled both kids, me, and my family.

While their OCD never went away, the girls, my family, and I have learned to manage it. I became dedicated to learning methods that I could use to help them and the family cope, bring down anxiety, and eventually manage their OCD.

I decided to use the skills I acquired as a Dad and from Emotional Freedom Techniques training to be a mindset coach for individuals and families to handle the curveballs that life throws their way. I use my skills in naturopathic and holistic doctors’ offices to help patients through their healing process, make them more efficient, healthy and satisfied patient.

What Doctors Say…

What Patients Say…

From the Holistic Wellness Center in Ft. Mill, SC where I worked with their patience I got testimonials…

“Let me start by saying that I was a HOT MESS when I first came to this center. Sleep deprived, anxious, depressed, confused – turns out I had a host of symptoms laying under the surface (thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, zinc deficits, etc.) that had been “misdiagnosed” by previous doctors. I LITERALLY had blood work done a week before I came here, and conventional medicine didn’t see anything wrong!

When I say that these guys get at the underlying symptoms, they will uncover just about everything you can think of and more. It will blow your mind! Dr. Boyle is brilliant, and I’m so grateful for everything he has done for me. Brittany, Mikela, Mary Beth, Katie – these guys have all been so compassionate and gracious. Also, I am incredibly grateful for Don, the EFT instructor – those sessions helped me in remarkable ways. While I still have work to do with my health goals, I’m in a much better place than when I first started – and I’m more prepared for the road ahead. Thank you HWC!”

~ E.D. Who is a patient of Holistic Wellness Center (August, 2019)

“…I began a new holistic treatment healing myself from the inside out, through healing foods, herbs, exercise, and a choice of tapping or massage.

I had already heard the word that Donald had helped so many but honestly, I thought I’ve already done work on myself through spiritual readings and meditation amongst other practices. “What more do I really need mentally? “ I asked myself. Then boom the pandemic started peeling off its ugly layers and I was soon isolated and separated from the planet so I signed up for an EFT session not expecting too much to come out of it since I’d already mastered my mind ( now said in a sarcastic tone).

So here we are, Donald and I, meeting for the first time through a virtual world. Let me also say I’m not really a fan of virtual anything. I need interaction, I need to be in a room with someone so I can sense their intentions and get a feel for if I like to trust them. So here we are, a virtual world he on one end me far away on the other. The lesson began, slowly learning the process he walked me through it at which I didn’t know what I was really being walked through but there we were. My eyes closed starting out with a base layer problem. At that point on he magically and gently guided me through a path of which turned and twisted and guided me really deep into my past, my psyche and apparently a lot of pain I had stored. With every session, I would say “this was amazing, this was so needed” and thanked him profusely for the healing that came from this. Every session seemed to get better and better. I personally have so much to thank him for. I never realized how much I was holding in and how things found a way to relate that i could have never imagined. It all made so much sense.  

So as I continue with my healing process I have to say I’m so thankful I had this opportunity to try something new. It has made a huge mark in my recovery. Truly profound and if you come across him please don’t pass this up. I’m forever grateful for he taught me to give myself Grace. Thank you Donald, words will never be able to describe how grateful I am.”
Best Regards,

~ WC-P Charlotte (May, 2020)

Think back to when the pandemic started.

The pandemic revealed how emotionally unsustainable our health has been. Children torn out of schools, people out of work and political upheaval revealed how on-edge the nation has been.

What if we could help your patients cope with that stress they carry in their minds, bodies and souls?

You could jumpstart the process that generates hope and healing within your patients!

A 15-minute call with Don could answer all your questions.  Let’s get together and talk.

Why include more integrative techniques into your practice?

Patient Transformation

Healthier hearts and minds improve physical health. Emotionally well patients are more proactive and have the emotional fortitude to get well physically.

I use Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping to target the trauma and stressors that distract a patient from getting well. Patients undergoing treatment see better outcomes at work, school and in family life!

You will also forge a stronger connection with your patients as they lower their defenses and become more open to treatment and prevention. You will see them take ownership of their health in a way you have never seen before.

When they reduce distracting stressors, they can freely transform their health outlook!

Patient Retention

Building a stronger connection with your patients will give them a reason to come back to the office. Patients don’t choose a family practice primarily because of the expertise of the physician, it is because they feel comfortable and safe there.

When they enter the program, they have a safe space to be themselves without fear of judgment and can let go of the stress of holding their emotions inside.

Imagine more relaxed patients, reducing conflict and confusion at your practice. Your patients will also be more confident and they will give you the credit for their transformation!


Since your patients feel more comfortable because of the environment you created, they serve as your biggest marketing asset!

Yes, I used the M-word, but not in the cheesy, prepackaged way you might think. If you have loyal customers willing to invite newcomers to your practice, you have created something that is working for people, and you deserve to benefit from the service you provide!

Others see the transformation of Your Patients and they Want In!

Now your patients are bringing you more patients, because you helped Them! Your practice deserves to reap the benefits.


An Emotionally Sustainable Practice is one that you can be proud of!


What if a patient doesn’t have an emotional issue?

I have found most of the time when they say they don’t have any issues once we start working together, they realize that issues from the past still reside in them. We then work on relieving those issues. If they truly do not, then they don’t need to work with me. I suggest to every patient to at least have one session and see how it goes.

How do I explain what you do to the patients?

I explain it this way. We want you to get the full potential of healing that we do here and we don’t want anything hindering or blocking that process. So I help patients move past old negative messages or stress or blocks to their healing.

What can my patients expect during a session?

During a typical one hour session we are exploring whatever might be bothering them and using breathing, EFT tapping and other natural modalities to get them through and past their issues. I remind them that the techniques I teach are methods they can do for themselves for the rest of the life.

How long are your sessions?

An hour.

Do you do virtual sessions?

Yes. I do sessions in the charlotte office, on zoom and by phone. All are affective!

Are your sessions painful?

Physically no. Emotions can run high and be tough and I always make sure that the patient is calm and at a comfortable level when we are done. I remind the patients that it is important to go through the emotions instead of pushing them away or avoiding them.

Is Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) safe?

Yes, it has been tested and studies for over 30 years and I have been using it since 2003 and have never seen EFT cause any serious physical problems. I find it to be the safest and most affective process out there today for healing.

Do you tap on patients?


A 15-minute conversation could answer all your questions about Don. Simply fill in the form below and Don will set up a call with you.